Makan Place – Yazawa Yakiniku

This, according to Japanese expatriates, is one of the best Yakiniku restaurants in Singapore.

Robertson Quay 5Yazawa Yakiniku in Robertson Quay was full of Japanese people when I was introduced to it. The people in front of us were Japanese, the people I was with were Japanese and the people behind were Japanese too. Even some of the waitresses were Japanese.

Yazawa Yakiniku 1Yakiniku is Japanese for grilled meat. It originally referred to the barbecue of Western foods and appeared in the Japanese language in 1872. Meat was not something that Japanese people ate in the past. It was popular in the prehistoric Jomon period but lost favour after Buddhism arrived in Japan.

The pervasiveness of Buddhism led to meat all but disappearing from the menus of Japanese food until the end of the second world war. Yakiniku is conventionally considered to be of Korean origin, adopted by the Japanese from the Korean Bulgogi. Yakiniku restaurants first opened in Japan in 1945 in Tokyo and Osaka.

Yakiniku is eaten as follows, raw ingredients are brought to the table, some are marinated before others served as sliced.

Yazawa Yakiniku 2 Yazawa Yakiniku 3 Yazawa Yakiniku 4 Yazawa Yakiniku 5Unlike a Korean bulgogi or Thai Mookata, the food here follows Japanese tradition of being grilled by a grill master (the person in-charge of grilling the meal for the day), the nabe bugyo several pieces at a time.

Yazawa Yakiniku 6The food is then served and eaten.

Yazawa Yakiniku 7Of course, Yakiniku is not just about meat, there are also other kinds of interesting food items such as barbecued garlic and leek and sesame salads.

Yazawa Yakiniku 8 Yazawa Yakiniku 9Japanese yakiniku also includes some interesting parts of offal including the colon, which when grilled has a fragrant smell and oily texture.

Yazawa Yakiniku 10What makes the Yakiniku here special? Yazawa is not a single restaurant, but has branches in Tokyo, Milan, Singapore and Beverly Hills, and just from the locations you can tell that the quality is high. The quality of the meat is top-quality Kuroge Wagyu flown personally selected and flown in from Japan. And it really was good meat… (salivates)

But meats are not the last thing to be eaten in a Yakiniku meal. In fact the last bite of a Yakiniku meal is supposed to be rice. So we ended our meal with a kare rice (Japanese Curry with Rice).

Yazawa Yakiniku 11It was supremely worth it. Although it is painful on the wallet.

How to get there


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