Makan Place – Sin Ming Coin Prata

The best prata in Singapore, that’s what many online polls say. After trying it for the first time, I’d say this – it’s food is all round superb.

Sin Ming Coin Prata 1We went there for lunch on a weekend. The stall is housed in a coffeeshop just before the Sin Ming Industrial Estate (where New Ubin Seafood is). The stall doesn’t look like much, it doesn’t even own the place (unlike The Roti Prata House at Upper Thomson Road), the chefs do their magic over a small heated top.

Sin Ming Coin Prata 2I had read about the famous coin prata and wanted to give it a try.

There were 7 people in front of me, I was told… 30 minutes.

So we started our meal with a Chicken Briyani.

Sin Ming Coin Prata 3At SGD5 this briyani looks really simple. But the rice was awesomely fragrant, smooth and fluffy and the chicken curry was thick and rich. I would say its comparable to some of the best briyani stalls in Singapore such as Sixth Avenue Briyani.

Even after we wolfed down our briyani our coin pratas were not completed so we next ordered a single serving of egg prata.

Sin Ming Coin Prata 4Again, awesome. The prata on its own had a sweet taste to it and was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

We had three different curries, chicken, fish and mutton. I was really impressed that the curries all tasted different despite looking about the same. And they were all thick and rich curries, not the watery sort that is more common.

Sin Ming Coin Prata 5Only after we had our egg prata did the coin prata come.

Sin Ming Coin Prata 6Coin Pratas were made here, and are half the diameter of a DVD. The prats is coiled int a coin and can be gradually unfurled as you eat. Giving you layers of fun.

Sin Ming Coin Prata 7Because the coin is compact and slightly thicker the prata needs to be cooked a little longer this gives the coin a warm crispy surface while still remaining soft and fluffy on the inside.

This truly was one of the best pratas I’ve had. And thank goodness they haven’t been found by the Michelin inspectors yet, just Michelle Lin 😉

Sin Ming Coin Prata 8

How to get there


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