Seafood in Batam – Fresh, Cheap and Sinful

I was in Batam for seafood.

Fresh, cheap and sinful was what I was told to expect. And boy, it didn’t disappoint. It seems like a great idea for an indulgent day of seafood.

The first place we went to was Rezeki Seafood Restaurant in Batu Besar on the eastern tip of the island.

Batu Besar is a little village and you will know once you reach that you are in a small village once you see the entrance gates saying KampungTua Batu Besar. Villages used to be very clearly separated in the past but as Batam transfroms into an urban sprawl, these boundaries are starting to blur.

Batam 5Signs of village living still linger in this kampung,

Kampung Tua Batu Besar 1As well as a quiet beach.

Kampung Tua Batu Besar Batam 2Located next to the beach, occupying what used to be the jetty is Rezeki.

Rezeki Seafood Batam 1You know your seafood is fresh when you see it swimming just a few minutes before it’s served.

Rezeki Seafood Batam 2Most Indonesian seafood meals begin with a serving of rice, sauces, and helpings of keropok (crackers) and sometimes otah-otah (grilled fish paste). These aren’t free though, except the rice that is, you will be charged for what you consume.

Rezeki Seafood Batam 3Here’s what we had, sambal kangkong,

Rezeki Seafood Batam 4Gong gong, an edible sea snail,

Rezeki Seafood Batam 5La La, a shellfish, prepared with spicy sauce,

Rezeki Seafood Batam 6Cereal baby prawns,

Rezeki Seafood Batam 7Butter-garlic mantis prawns, which taste like a sweet crab with the smooth texture of a prawn in the shape of a lobster.

Rezeki Seafood Batam 8We rounded off the meal with ikan bakar, grilled fish. In this case, a grouper. The fish is wrapped in a banana leave, its body washed and cleaned and loaded with chili paste then the whole fish is grilled.

Rezeki Seafood Batam 9Grilled just enough to be well cooked and still moist.

Rezeki Seafood Batam 10All that for SGD25 per person (the mantis prawns took the chunk of the cost at around SDG7 per person). A meal like those would not cost SGD25 per person.

Another option worth trying is Golden Prawn 555. Now if you look at online reviews many will complain that Golden Prawn is too tourist and plain tasting. What I realised was that there were two Golden Prawns 555 and 933. There were many people in 933 and very few in 555. Wanting a quicker meal we went to 555 instead (so I cannot comment on what Golden Prawn 933’s food is like).

Golden Prawn 555 Batam 1Just like all the seafood restaurants, your seafood is waiting for you in little ponds.

Golden Prawn 555 Batam 2 Golden Prawn 555 Batam 3And whatever you order is picked in front of you.

This time around, we chose a different list of items. There were mussels with sweet sauce,

Golden Prawn 555 Batam 4Four-angled bean with belachan,

Golden Prawn 555 Batam 5

Deep fried mantis prawns with garlic and butter,

Golden Prawn 555 Batam 6There was black pepper crab, which is more of a dry black pepper and not the saucy version in Singapore,

Golden Prawn 555 Batam 7A sweet chili crab,

Golden Prawn 555 Batam 8And steamed seabass with preserved vegetables.

Golden Prawn 555 Batam 9All this too, cost SGD 25.

So all in, for a seafood hunt, I paid SGD 50.

What are you waiting for 😉

P.S. : a word of caution though. We planned our own trip and went without a tour agency, so perhaps that explains the kind of food we got.

How to get there (Rezeki Seafood)

How to get there (Golden Prawn 555)

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