Off to Batam? Go to the Harbourfront Ferry Terminal

Another weekend, another day trip from Singapore. Located next to Singapore are Johor Bahru, Pulau Bintan and Batam City. Johor is accessible by land and sea, while Bintan and Batam are reachable by sea.

To get to Bintan, you need to head eat to the Tanah Merah Fery Terminal.

Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal 1Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, for traveling to Bintan

To get to Batam however, you will need to head south to the Harbourfront Ferry Terminal.

Harbourfront Ferry Terminal 1Managed by the same company, the Singapore Cruise Centre (which also runs a Cruise Centre in Harbourfront, as well as a third Ferry Terminal at Pasir Panjang), the Harbourfront Ferry Terminal is located at the Harborfront Centre. The building is adjacent to the popular VivoCity and is also where you can take a cable car to Sentosa.

Harbourfront Ferry Terminal 2A trip from Batam is very worthwhile especially in the morning before the blazing afternoon sun hits your boat. When the kiss of the sun is lovely and not toxic.

Harbourfront Ferry Terminal 3Leaving from Harbourtfront in the morning is also rewarding because it of the view of southern Singapore that you can get from there.

There is RWS,

RWS 1Keppel Bay,

Harbourfront Ferry Terminal 4Bukit Chermin, Berlayer Creek & Labrador Park,

Bukit Chermin Broadwalk 1 Bukit Chermin Broadwalk 5Sentosa,

Sentosa Siloso Beach 5 Sentosa Palawan Beach 5and in the distance, Jurong Island.

Harbourfront Ferry Terminal 5So what are you waiting for?

Get a boat to Batam today!

How to get there

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  1. lol that jersey shore sign is hilarious

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