Snow City, Snow in the Tropics

For many Singaporeans, snow is something to look forward too.

And why not? When you live in the tropics, with only sun and rain for weather, the only time snow comes around is when you are out of the country (most probably on a holiday).

To introduce Singaporean who have never seen or experienced snow before, the Science Centre and NTUC collaborated to build Snow City.

Snow City 1Opened in 2000, Snow City’s main attraction is a large Snow Chamber maintained at -5 degrees Celsius.

It seems like a great treat and a great way for people to experience snow and winter especially if you’ve never seen the real thing (I’d never experienced snow till the tailend of my 20s).

Snow City 2I’m sure it’s a great place for kids to relive their own versions of Frozen.

It may not be the real deal, but for people living without snow it’s a good enough place to have fun!

How to get there

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