Bonding Over Science

I observed something about the Science Centre. It was a great place to expose people to science, but more than that it was a great way for families and friends/couples to bond.

Bonding Science Centre 1A young boy fascinated with the zoetrope display.

Science Centre Singapore 6A military father introduces his son to the missiles that he works with in his camp.

Bonding Science Centre 2A mother plays with her daughter at the Magical Mirror installation as others look on.

Bonding Science Centre 3Two pairs of fathers guide their sons as they work with shapes and motifs.

Bonding Science Centre 4A father and son pair work to get neurons properly connected and fired.

Bonding Science Centre 5Father and son challenging each other to brain games.

Bonding Science Centre 6Parents using an interactive animation to teach their sons about eating right.

Bonding Science Centre 7A couple attempts to learn a Spanish sentence.

How to get there

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