People’s Park on a Sunday

Just as South Asian foreign workers enjoy a day out to Little India on a Sunday, Chinese foreign workers hang out at People’s Park Complex and the adjacent Food Centre. Just like the Chinese did in the 1800s and 1900s these foregin workers have arrived on Singapore’s shores to make money to send back home. Because of the number of Chinese workers from Central and Northern China, many stores have been taken over by stores selling cuisines from these regions, providing a familiar taste for these workers.

Here’s a short photojournal of People’s Park on a Sunday.

People's Park on a Sunday 1The central atrium of People’s Park Complex rings out with Chinese oldies as people walk all around, most choosing not to stop to enjoy the music.

People's Park on a Sunday 2The train station is a convenient meeting point for friends before they go one for their day’s activities. It is also a temporary dining area for people to consume food bought from the stores adjacent to it.

People's Park on a Sunday 3Some aged cobblers sit in front of their pushcart stall and wait for the rare customer to approach them. In the 20 minutes I was there, they unfortunaltey dod not have any business.

People's Park on a Sunday 4The walkway between the Complex and the Food Centre has been converted to a dining area for patrons of the Sichuan and Shanxi food stalls near by.

People's Park on a Sunday 5A long queue forms outside the Shandong food stall. Long queues are typically found where Central and Northern Chinese cuisine stalls are.

People's Park on a Sunday 6Snaking queues can also be found at the ATMs, it’s Sunday and it’s time for the workers to relax and unwind.

People's Park on a Sunday 7However, there is a less packed crowd where the local Southern Chinese hawkers are. This side is made up of mostly locals and tourist.

People's Park on a Sunday 8In contrast to the packed scenes at the other end of the food centre (where the northern and central Chinese food stalls are) the local, Southern Chinese cuisine has much shorter queues and a lot more tourist.

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