The Mecca and Medina of Muslim Fashion in Singapore

The idea of Muslim fashion conjures up images hijab or burqa wearing women in drab black clothes, with everything else seeming to be forbidden. That cannot be further from the truth. Muslim law requires that only the hand, feet and face be visible.

But that seems to be about it.

And for Muslims in Singapore who want to get muslim fashion, Joo Chiat Complex is their Mecca.

Located opposite the Geylang Serai Market within the Malay Spiritual Home of Geylang Serai, the Joo Chiat Complex was completed in the 1980s. It seems to have remained stuck in time.

Joo Chiat Complex 1

It however continues to be the home of muslim fashion,

Joo Chiat Complex 1it also sells other items such as islamic reading books.

Joo Chiat Complex 2Like most malls, female fashion dominates this mall.

Joo Chiat Complex 3The dresses are also cultural, there are Arabic, Persian, Malay, Javanese etc The dresses above for example are middle eastern, while those below is Malay, Sumatran, Indian and Javanese. Joo Chiat Complex 7 Joo Chiat Complex 6I have to say though, there’s something about a well worn muslim dress than makes you admire and appreciate the wearer for her beauty and not immediately sexualise her. It seems kind of true for a large number of traditional dresses (saris, cheong sams etc). Or maybe it’s just me.

Joo Chiat Complex 4If Joo Chiat Complex is Mecca, than Tanjong Katong Complex is the Medina of Muslim Fashion.

Tanjong Katong Complex 1There seem to be fewer companies in this complex but still a rich haul to be had for the enthusiastic patron.

Tanjong Katong Complex 2Have you made your pilgrimage yet?

How to get there (Joo Chiat Complex)

How to get there (Tanjong Katong Complex)


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