Makan Place – Sing Ho Hainanese Chicken Rice

First thing’s first, you can’t find Hainanese Chicken Rice in Hainan. Hainanese Chicken Rice was a dish created in Singapore/Malaya by Hainanese immigres. Hainanese Chicken Rice had only one flavour which was boiled chicken, or ‘white chopped chicken’. The entire chicken is put in a sub-boiling chicken and pork bone (unless they are halal then just chicken) stock. This stock is reused again and again, the thick and sweet stock then seeps into the meat to give it a greater sweetness. Another way of preparing chicken is roasted chicken, or ‘brown chicken’.

The chicken comes with a steaming white rice, made with a mixture of margarine and pandan leaves to give it a rice and smooth flavour. This dish is served up with a specially concocted chili sauce (which is usually rather watery and sweet).

It is considered staple (if unhealthy) food in Singapore, and as expected there are many hawkers who make a great version of this dish. I previously featured a very popular hawker at Maxwell Food Centre.

Today, we’ll talk about another one, Sing Ho Hainanese Chicken Rice.

Selegie Road 7Presently located within the David Elias building, along Middle Road and Selegie Road, Sing Ho Hainanese Chicken Rice is considered one of the established leaders in the Chicken Rice industry.

Selegie Road 6The restaurant is constantly packed with customers, an indication that it serves up something good.

Sing Ho Chicken Rice 1If anything though the Chicken Rice here is not cheap, a Chicken Rice set will set you back SGD 7.50 (compare it to the SGD 3.50 one that is served at Maxwell Food Centre), so its really not something you can eat all the time, at least not at this stall.

Sing Ho Chicken Rice 2I chose, as you can see the roasted chicken (suggestion: always ask for the chicken thigh meat, its usually the same price but taste as tender as chicken drumstick).

Sing Ho Chicken Rice 3It was rather good, especially the skin…. ohhhhhhhhh so good.

Have I said how much I loved roast chicken skin 🙂

Here are some other reviews of the place (here, here and here)

How to get there

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